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Help I Manage Millennials.

All across the country, in the public and private sectors, managers and leaders of every stripe are buzzing, or rather murmuring, in meeting and conference rooms about what they should do about their “Millennial” generation employees. Also known as Generation Y, this generation has taken the world by storm!

Born roughly between 1978 and the year 2000, they boast an incredible 79 million (estimated) in population and are a fertile landscape of potential employees for what are soon to be hire hungry organizations as older employees phase out.

Conversely, the majority of managers and corporate leadership are members of what is known as the “Baby Boom” generation (born roughly between 1946-1964). This group of world-weary self starters struggle – and I do mean struggle – to understand what makes these “Millennials” tick.

In Help! I Manage Millennials, Carl Latting – dubbed America’s Millennial Coach – pulls back the curtain of confusion to reveal the closely guarded secret method used by managers who are getting the greatest results from their Millennial employees.

Centered on a very simple acronym R.E.A.L. (which stands for Relate, Engage, Accept, and Lead) anchored by the input and feedback of multitudes of managers, many of which moved from disaster to mastering leadership with their Millennial employees.

As an experienced management development trainer, leader of Millennials and a member of Generation X, Latting has first and second hand knowledge of the frustration and pain that managers of Millennials are experiencing. In this book he speaks directly to you as one from among you, giving you the inspiration and actionable information for immediate implementation.

Filled with insider information, an awesome short fictional story of manager who uses the R.E.A.L. method to overcome her Millennial frustration to achieve immediate organizational goals, Help! I Manage Millennials will reframe, refresh, renew and revive the confidence that managers have in their ability to lead their work teams to victory!

How to Create A Successful Self-Concept.

So many times we find ourselves floundering like fish out-of-water, as we attempt to achieve what we call success. There are many factors that contribute to this extremely uncomfortable feeling. There is an old saying that says, “You cannot know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been” (or more importantly where you are). How true!

There is no better time like the present to discover where you are. As painful and laborious a task as it may seem, it is absolutely necessary, if we plan on becoming all that is possible for us to become.

This book will point you toward the direction of self discovery, while strapping to your back a quiver full of tools that you will need to use along this journey.